You’ve never been married before, so how are you supposed to know everything about weddings? There is no reason for a wedding question to go unanswered- and chances are, someone else has the same question or problem! Just ask. DO IT. 🙂  I’m always being asked, “What’s the correct way to do THANK YOU SPEECH?” The truth is, the only correct way to do it is how you want! Plus, it’s pretty common for brides to not follow some of the traditional wedding “rules” now. However, it does help to know what the “norm” is when making a decision, so see the previous “don’t”. In the end, it’s YOUR wedding and it should be the way YOU want it!

– Don’t be afraid to send an email!  Email is amazing- you can ask for information and get an answer without committing. When you email, ask the vendor you’re inquiring with what their average brides spend with them. Plus, both you and the vendor WIN when you do this, because you’re not wasting each others’ time if they are out of your budget!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I never commented on things or asked questions. But if I had found the right forum or the right person to ask, then things would have been so much better.

Don’t think you have to adhere to special “rules”. Do what you want. Do what makes you happy. Don’t want dinner and want cocktails and appetizers instead? Do it! Don’t want to do a bouquet toss? Then don’t! 


Invitation Etiquettes

Every couple anticipates the moment with eager enthusiasm when it’s time to invite family and friends to their wedding. But when it comes to filling up your guest list, you’re overwhelmed with choices because there are so many people you wish to have by your side on your wedding day.

Read some useful tips on how to organise your guest list that is filled with much love and friends!

1.)  Talk it Out. It’s essentially important to reach an agreement with your partner (and sometimes family) – are you looking at a big celebration with more than 300 guests or an intimate wedding with only close family and friends? Some girls dream of a grand wedding while some guys prefer a simple celebration instead. So discuss this together and voice any concerns so that both of you can reach a comfortable decision. If you’re looking to trim your wedding guest count, consider the following invitation guidelines:

  •  Apart from your close family members, you can also invite friends who have been in contact with you during the past year.
  • It’s not mandatory to invite couples whose weddings you’ve attended but aren’t close to anymore. They probably had to make the same decision when they were preparing for theirs.
  • Office pals make great buddies. But there’s no need to invite everyone, just those whom you’re close with. 
  • If you’re still sitting on fences, base your choices on this simple quote: “I want to be surrounded by the people whom I love and love me as well, on my wedding day”

2.)  The VIP invites Start listing the important invites first – your family and closest friends, the names that pop right out of your head at the first thought. From here, you can get a good gauge of how many remaining possible seats are left.

3.)  A Timely Surprise Another form of etiquette brides should be aware of – don’t personally inform others out of your circle of buddies about your wedding until you’ve confirmed the date, location and other wedding details . This helps a lot if as there’s bound to be changes along the way and you don’t want to keep informing guests about amendments. Try to keep it on the low and once everything’s settled, announce away!

4.)  Prep Early Before arranging any wedding related matters, preparing a guest list should always be the first item off your to-do list, to avoid confusion, keep either a softcopy of the draft (we recommend using an Excel worksheet) or note them down in your little white book of wedding notes. Note down the number of guests, their addresses, and other contact details as you going along; you will need these information for mailing out invitations and thank you notes. Managing your list this way would allow you to add or remove names easily and also helps keep things organised.

5.)  Back Ups List A (you can call it whatever you want) is your main guest list while List B acts like a waiting list with names (in order of importance) of those whom you would like to invite if your initial guests can’t make it. There’s no need to fret because it’s safe to assume that 10–20% of your guests might not be able attend your celebration. From there, you could bring over names from List B to your main guest list. However, don’t delay planning List B because no one likes to be invited at the last minute.

6.)  Ready To Go Try your best to send out your invites 2 to 3 months before the wedding. While you receive declines from List A, you can start mailing out invites from List B as well. This stretch of period also provides time for your guests to search for suitable attire for your wedding or even tailor-made one to fit your wedding theme! However, if essential information such as the venue, programme list or dress code aren’t confirmed yet, consider sending a Save–the-Date Card first. This useful card informs your guests to keep that particular date free before the main invitation with the full details arrives.

7.)  Avoiding Wedding Crashes Sometimes people squeeze extra names in the RSVP despite the invite being intentionally meant only for the recipient. To avoid this mishap, include the full names of the invited guest and a line or a tick box after for them to indicate their attendance. The printed names provide your intended guests no reason to add more guests to your lists. If they do ask, explain graciously to them about your seating arrangements.

8.)  Are Children Invited? Don’t feel that you’ve got to open your wedding to the entire extended family of your guests. Although it may seem tough to exclude, it’s perfectly fine only to invite children who are part of your or your partner’s close family friends. If you do have any requests to bring children along, explain your invite constraints to them. Alternatively, if you’re comfortable with children at your wedding, have the words “and family” on the invitation envelope to immediately make your preference known.

9.)  What About The Help? Some families request for maids to be invited as well in order to look after the kids. When this happens, consider if you’ve enough seats to accommodate them. Alternatively, if there are more than 5 children present at your wedding, get resourceful and provide a baby-sitter for these families. This is a great chance for your family members to help out too! You can request for a couple of older cousins who can take on the responsibility of looking after children to hold the job. They can be seated together at a corner with games and a special children’s menu. With this feasible option, instead of the maid attending, parents can be informed that an extra help will be at the wedding to care for their kids.

10.) Your Parents’ Guests.  Both your parents would want to share the joys of the wedding with their friends too and it’s only fitting to accommodate their wishes. If both of you are undertaking most of the expenses, discuss with them about your plans and ask them how many friends would they like to invite and talk about the seating availabilities together.

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Guestbook Alternatives

Instead of having an ordinary guestbook, that you hardly will look at again, have you consider to use other alternative as a replacement?

There are few alternatives that you may want to consider:

1) Using a wishing tree: let the guests to write their wishes and hang the wishing tag on the wishing tree (and this can be part of your cocktail rception’s decor as well! Imagine those pretty trees becoming part of guest’s amuzement).

2) Using a scroll signature book: let the guests to write their wishes freely and in the end of the day, you can keep it nicely by just scroll it in (oh yes, you may customize the background using your own photo ^^)


3) Using polaroids: either individually or in a group, however they come, and put it on the pages of the  guestbook/scrapbook. The guests will then sign on the bottom of their picture.

Outdoor Wedding Decor : Lanterns

Have you thought about adding lanterns to your outdoor wedding decoration? The laterns add a touch of whimsy and romance that is so perfect for any event in outdoor. It can be in the graden or beach or even inside the tents for your reception purposes. You can add a candle (for certain types of lanterns) or an elcetric bulb inside to add a seductive and romantic ambience. Its diffused glow will sets the tone for an incredible event.

Autumn Wedding Theme & Design: Purple & Olive Green

Here comes the 2nd autumn wedding color combination: purple (eggplant) with olive green combination.

 I really like the mix between the olive green and the dark purple. I believe it is perfect for the bridal couple who want to create a decor from the classical ideas but at the same time, it’s not too modern or styless. On the reverse, it is very elegant and not so hard to pull through !  

Eternel Journey: Purple and Olive Green Theme


Meaning behind the colors:

  • Purple: royalty, both warm and cool
  • Green: life, growth, fertility, health and the environment

Autumn Wedding Theme & Design: Brown & Red

Start to breakdown the autumn wedding colors one by one.

Begin with the combination of brown and red as one of the autumn wedding color theme. Brown and red colors are a perfect color palette for a Fall/Autumn wedding. Deep browns and rich reds make for a vibrant wedding. Decorate reception with red roses or Gerber daisies; brown or copper table settings sprinkled with fall tea light holders for a touch of romance.

Eternel Journey: Brown and Red Theme

Meaning behind the colors:

  • Brown: comfortable, warm, and cozy
  • Red: passionate, dramatic, romantic and dripping with desire

Autumn Color Wedding Theme

In America, autumn is usually considered to start with the September equinox. In traditional East Asian solar terms, autumn starts on or around 8 August and ends on about 7 November. In Australia, autumn officially begins on March 1st and ends May. Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter.

So let’s begin our Autumn wedding theme series 🙂


With color swatches, finding the right flowers, decorations, souvenirs, and a lot more other wedding stuffs, will be a breeze since you already have a complete idea of how those colors would look when combined together. And of course, shopping for items would be so much easier too. And regardless of what kind of items you are looking for, it is also much better to begin shopping / sourcing early!!!

Ribbon Wands

I loved the use of ribbon wands. They are such a pretty pop of color on the tabletop. Imagine kids running around playing with them. Even if you put a number of wands in a jar like this would make a fun centrepiece for a kids table, or a funw ay to incorporate some colour to a gift table or bar table. For easy DIY tutorial, click here or feel free to drop us an email for order 🙂


Summer Wedding Theme & Design: Pink & Tiffany Blue

The Tiffany theme has been growing in popularity in recent years. Inspired by the classic Audrey Hepburn style, the unique signature color, or the classic styles – a Tiffany blue wedding is elegant, timeless and luxurious. When you combine tiffany blue with pink color,  it’s simply such a sweet looking wedding.

Eternel Journey : Pink & Tiffany Blue Theme

Meaning behind the colors:

  • Pink: happiness, playfulness and a sense of fun
  • Tiffany Blue: romantic, elegant and timeless

Summer Wedding Theme & Design: Red & Baby Blue

When I think of this combo, I think boy and girl – summertime and fireworks. But the right shades of these colors can give you a sleek alternative to all of those black, white, and red weddings. Red and baby blue colors look fresh and summery in combination and lend themselves to a bright, bold summery look.  

Eternel Journey : Red & Baby Blue Theme

Meaning behind the colors:

  • Red: passionate, dramatic, romantic and dripping with desire
  • Baby Blue: healing, happiness, patience