You’ve never been married before, so how are you supposed to know everything about weddings? There is no reason for a wedding question to go unanswered- and chances are, someone else has the same question or problem! Just ask. DO IT. 🙂  I’m always being asked, “What’s the correct way to do THANK YOU SPEECH?” The truth is, the only correct way to do it is how you want! Plus, it’s pretty common for brides to not follow some of the traditional wedding “rules” now. However, it does help to know what the “norm” is when making a decision, so see the previous “don’t”. In the end, it’s YOUR wedding and it should be the way YOU want it!

– Don’t be afraid to send an email!  Email is amazing- you can ask for information and get an answer without committing. When you email, ask the vendor you’re inquiring with what their average brides spend with them. Plus, both you and the vendor WIN when you do this, because you’re not wasting each others’ time if they are out of your budget!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I never commented on things or asked questions. But if I had found the right forum or the right person to ask, then things would have been so much better.

Don’t think you have to adhere to special “rules”. Do what you want. Do what makes you happy. Don’t want dinner and want cocktails and appetizers instead? Do it! Don’t want to do a bouquet toss? Then don’t! 


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