Hair-do for My Toga Dress

Take it as an intermezzo… Hahahaha…

I was just thinking, what kind of hair-do I should have to match my long toga dress that I’m going to wear for one of my bestie’s wedding! This is such a rare view to wear a long gown here.. Yes! In Singapore, guests usually will just pick a knee length dress.. Unlike in Indonesia, where you will be able to see all the female guests come in their best glamorous outfits!

So here are some samples of hair-do that I can think of…




Wall Photo Frames Decor

Now in paticular, I’m looking for ideas on how to “fill-up” one o fthe wall section in my living room. Basically I’m thinking to have a photo frames section over there. Basically the available area for me to play around is vertical-ish.

At the same time, recently I’m so addicted to wall decal. I have 2 already at home: one pasted in the study room glass and the other one is the smaller one – pasted to the mirror next to our dining table (photos coming in later)

And now I’m still looking for suitable one to be combined with my photo frames… Of course I do not want to make my wall looks too cramp and cheapo…

Here’re some designs of wall decal that I loved!

Too bad, those designs are not available in any wall decals distributor in Singapore…. Maybe I will try to ask one of the vendor to custom made the design for me.. My only hope is the price won’t killing me @_@

Movie: Bridesmaids

Managed to catch Bridesmaids movie last night. It was pretty entertaining, mainly because of the funny and snooby actions on how the girls try to get the attention and score point in front of the bride-to-be.

By watching this movie, certainly it brings back my mind to my own wedding… The normal practice, usually the bride-to-be will choose one maid of honour and few bridesmaids to form up her bridal party. I know about this very well, but I choose not to follow the tradition. I simply have all my girls as my bridesmaids. The reason is simply because it’s not necessary the girl who I’m closest with will be the best in planning and vice versa. So I’m just hoping they will work together and give their best in order to make my wedding happen smoothly. And I just feel that it’s always unfair to pick on girl to above the others and also indiretcly it may give an impression that we are putting more “burden” into her shoulder to carry the event out…. Of course it always an honor to be chosen as maid-of-honour, but oh well, I simply weight the pros and cons resulted from it.. On the side note too, I always believe that each girls is filled up my life in different period of time, and they are there for me with different kind of supports… Thus, they all are equally important to me 🙂


In this movie, it shows that the so called chosen maid-of-honour is so overwhelmed.. both with her own personal issues and also competing with the other girl in the bridal party who turns out to be a better planner. In the end, it become the girls’ competition… They are totally missing out the point that the whole things is about the bride-to-be. I realized this thing happen most of the time… We always tend to forget why we, girls, are there at the first place. Bridesmaids suppose to be the group who were chosen because they were trusted to be someone who will help the bride-to-be to reduce her burden and cope with her pre-wedding stress. Certainly not the other way around.


My 2cents worth here is: For all bride-to-be out there, don’t be panic if something bad happen among your bridesmaids, voice it out and try to settle the issue as soon as possible before your wedding day. It’s not worth it to be stressed out because of this, afterall, this is your moment! Be happy! Meanwhile, for all the bridesmaids-to-be, don’t be carry away from your main value as a friend. Your friend who is getting married soon needs your moral and physical support the most. Sometime it’s not what you can plan, but it’s your thought that is play a part.


In overall, this movie is not only about planning a wedding, but it teaches us about the real value of friendship as well…


P.S Don’t know why the real outfits that they wear in the movie is not the same with the ones in the movie poster.