The Elegance of Cheongsam

In the past few weeks, there are cheongsams hanging from racks in boutiques and market stalls, but that is only because Chinese New Year is around the corner. Chinese New Year is the only time most Chinese women would wear cheongsam, and perhaps occasionally during weddings and dinners.

Most women also find it daunting to wear the cheongsam because its tight-fitting form is unforgiving on flaws and bulges. The cheongsam shows off a woman’s shape when it is nicely tailored. It doesn’t mean you have to be stick thin to wear one.

The beauty of the cheongsam is that it can be made of different materials and in various lengths. To me, it has a simple and quiet charm, an elegance and neatness that truly reflect our Chinese culture!

So, have it spark your mood to wear cheongsam? And remember, who says cheongsam have to be in red? 🙂


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