Bridesmaids’ Colors

Bridesmaids colors can be playful, patterns or even an unexpected prints. Be they pretty minis or flowing skirts when done right the result is beautiful. Imagining a color scheme isn’t enough for most of us – we’ve got to see it! See e a glimpse at how colors even some you’d never think to combine – can can come together for a fabulous effect.


Bridesmaids Dress: Convertible Multi-Way Dress

Yesterday was my first bridesmaids’ gown fitting day! It was fun! Seeing them with many expressions, start to know each other and imagining the momentum of my wedding day. It feels good!!!  *Thank you galssss*

Every girl is unique in their own way, therefore, just like the brides come in many figures, and so do their bridesmaids. So, it’s hard for me to decide at the beginning how to standardize the dress. Until last 2 weeks when I come down to the shop and shortlisted some of the dresses. But, I can’t deny myself how lucky it is to found this multi-way dress. Following the current trend which is letting each bridesmaid choose their style of bridesmaid dress, this so-called multi-way dress is just like another perfect item for our wedding day!

They still will appear in the same fabric and color dress, but at the same time, they have a freedom to choose the style that compliments them. I forgot to take the pics last night, coz it was a bit haywire during the fitting… It may not be a perfect size yet, but heyyyy…. let’s keep our finger cross, closer to the date, you all will fits to your dress nicely ^^

I tried to surf around in internet, and found out that Victoria’s Secret is one of the brand that has popularized this multi-way dress. Victoria’s Secret motto about this multi-way dress is: One dress, so many sexy ways to wear it. 

This multi-way dress can be worn in a variety of styles, including:

  • Strapless
  • V-neck
  • Cross-back
  • Double-strap one-shoulder
  • One-shoulder
  • Halter
  • Knotted-strap halter
  • Twist-front halter
  • Twist-around
  • Back-braided


My bridesmaids are coming from different groups of click… So I was a bit worry at the beginning if they can create the chemistry towards each other. Luckily, from last night experience, I can rest assure they can get along well…. *thank you one more time to make things so much easier for me… xoxo*

Another benefit that you may get from choosing this dress are they will have to help each other when creating the style of the dress for them to wear, so it allow them to create more interactions toward each other.. And last but not least, even after my wedding day, they still can wear this dress to other events without being afraid spotted wearing the same dress as it allows them to appear in different styles!